Greatest Christmas Ads 2023

Channel 5 1 x 120 min 2023

In collaboration with the charismatic Julian Cleary, we have unveiled the magic of British Christmas Advertisements in a spectacular showcase.

Recognised as a yearly spectacle, Christmas ads have evolved into a lavish tradition, with companies investing millions to craft these festive masterpieces.

This programme, akin to a dazzling strand of TV tinsel, traces the evolution of these advertisements from their humble beginnings in the 1950s to the groundbreaking creations of 2023.

Viewers are treated to an immersive journey into this creative realm, featuring insights from celebrities, in-depth analyses by TV experts, and behind-the-scenes stories from the creative minds and brands who brought these ads to life.

It's a celebration of extravagant commercialism, artfully masked as seasonal cheer, presented in a format that's both enlightening and entertaining.